“The Forgiveness of Blood” – Review

Director: Joshua Marston
Writers: Joshua Marston & Andamion Murataj
Cast: Tristan Halilaj as Nik, Sindi Lacej as Rudina, Refet Abazi as Mark
Running time: 1 hour 49 minutes
In Albanian with English subtitles
IMDB page: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1787127/
Plot: Nik, a teenager in rural Albania, gets caught up in a “blood feud” between his family and a neighboring clan.

You think mafia families can hold a grudge?  They’ve got nothing on Albanians, apparently.  An ancient code called the Kanun regulates life for traditionalists, and it’s a tough piece of work.  When Nik’s father gets involved in a murder, it doesn’t matter if he did the killing, or even if his actions were in self-defense.  The Kanun demands that the entire family must suffer, trapped in their home, with their livelihood – and their lives – subject to the whims of the people they’ve supposedly wronged.  Joshua Marston, an American who also directed the Colombia-set Maria Full of Grace, once again mixes insightful cultural reportage with engaging fictional storytelling.

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